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“Kari – Thank you for introducing me to the ALCAT food sensitivity test. I didn’t do the full panel, but am very glad to find out some unexpected food items that I should try to avoid. I thought, “I’m eating all fruits, veggies, meats and nuts. Why do I still have issues?” Who would have thought someone would be intolerant to blueberries, celery and brussel sprouts? It’s also great to have the 4 day rotation plan it produces. I knew I should do that, but I didn’t take the time to divide all foods out for four days. It’s a huge help in meal planning since I try to eat mostly homemade foods. It’s actually easier after you get the hang of it.  I look forward to my next test results in 6 months to see if my gut lining has healed and I can add any foods back in on a limited basis.
Thanks, MJ”  Michelle, WI  6/2015

“During the Total Reset my body began to heal.  I was introduced to foods that were not on my plate before. I was surprised I was never hungry, had a ton of energy, and slept better.  Thank you Kari  for helping me through this and I am excited to work another program with you.”  Nicole, WI  8/15/15


“Before my first detox cleanse I was scared to death. Others who had done them complained about how tough they were leaving them fatigued, sick to their stomach, headaches, hungry. Well, that was enough to keep me from wanting to do it BUT something had to change. I just was not feeling good on a regular basis so I dove in. I had NO idea I was going to feel that much better at the end. Actually it didn’t even take “the end” to feel better. Within 6 or 7 days I was already feeling more energized, clearer head, bloated stomach was gone and I stopped craving the sugar and caffeine I was craving only 1 week ago. Yes, it definitely required me to focus on my food and my body and resting more but wow! I needed it and the ‘feel better’ I got in return was worth it!” Jill  1/20/16